It is quite easy to reach me, dropping an email to alberto.abella en transparentia dot net could be the easiest. I currently work for desideDatum and only for quite specific works you could hire me.

Sometimes you can reach me at skype at albertoabellagarcia but I cannot promise to be frequently on this network.

For issues with my lectures (topics, available dates, formats, conditions, requirements, etc.) I recommend you to visit my personal blog at
You can find there most of my speeches and presentations. Fortunately, most of them are creative commons so you will be able to reuse (please remember to attribute me when needed, you would also like to be attributed). Even more I would be glad if you let me know and possibly I will retwitt it.

Currently, although I am present in many other networks, I am only active in two of them, twitter and Linkedin.

Skype: albertoabellagarcia
Twitter: @aabella