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Alberto Abella is associate director at Brain Trust and Assistant Teacher at URJCFoto_-_Alberto_Abella_-_Retrato__2_.

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Alberto Abella is Telecommunications Engineer and Master in Total Quality Management, business administration and business organization. He works as Associate director in Brain Trust for the business lines of innovation management, Data business and Citizen experience. He is a researcher on data, data-reusability, open data, big data, and it use in several environments like Smart cities. He also has investigated in the field of citizen experience. Founder and board member of Open Knowledge Spain.
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Alberto Abella es Director asociado en  Brain Trust y profesor asociado en la URJC
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Alberto Abella es Ingeniero Superior de Telecomunicaciones y  Master en Total Quality Management, en Administración de empresas y en organización de empresas. Trabaja como Director asociado en Brain Trust en las líneas de negocio de gestión de la innovación, Data business y Citizen experience. Es investigador en los campos de reusabilidad e información, open data, big data, en distintos entornos como las Smart cities. También ha investigado en el campo de  citizen experience. Ha sido fundador y es miembro de la junta directiva de  Open Knowledge Spain.